A Bit About Me

All my life, I have been fond of making crafts. I still make homemade cards for family and friends! Before opening my Store I used my hobby as a way to de-stress and relax. Designing always called to me, so I decided to pursue my love of design. I started out just making bracelets for family and friends and they loved them! A handmade gift is always to special. 

I suffer from terrible migraines. I tried everything, then one day a friend told me how she wore Crystals to help with her stomach issues. So I tried a Crystal Bracelet and it worked, from that moment I was hooked!

I fell in love with crystals and gemstones. I am fascinated how Mother Nature has her own healing remedies. How each crystal radiates its own pattern to coincide with our own systems and organs.

I found I could combine the two things I love - crafting and crystals!

Although I create healing bracelets to help everyone, closer to my heart are my Fertility Bracelets. Having suffered miscarriages which eventually led to secondary infertility myself has helped me identify with others who have or are suffering themselves. Unfortunately I discovered these wonderful healing stones too late to help me but I am committed to helping others. I have looked deeply into the mixture of crystals to help with all walks of infertility and I am honored to have played my part in helping others to conceive and have successful pregnancies. 

Owning a business is not easy, and takes a lot to manage, but I love working at it everyday. I also know that without my customers The Gem Nebula would be nowhere and I appreciate you all greatly. I work hard to provide the best customer service and superior quality products at completely affordable prices so that everyone can benefit from owning and wearing their own piece of nature.

I focus on healing body, mind and soul and hope my pieces can create a natural healing alternative to others so they can appreciate the everyday moments of their lives.


Sara Morgan 

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Stafford, United Kingdom