Mens Depression Bracelet

Lepidolite is the gold standard of Lithium crystals. It is known as 'The Grand Balancer' as it balances the mind and emotions, releasing emotional and energetic blockages, and is said to help dissipate negativity and instills a positive vibration.
Lepidolite is a lithium stone (Lithium is found in antidepressant medication). Stones containing lithium are often used for balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. They can act as a stabilizer to the entire system. Lepidolite is sometimes used to help shift and restructure old energy patterns and bring light and hope to a situation. Lepidolite is said to alleviate the feelings of hopelessness and despondency, bringing serenity from the knowledge that the Universe will always provide.
Hematite is a non-lithium stone that is most often used in crystal work and metaphysics. Hematite is known most commonly -- and most strongly -- used to ground or stabilize and for protection. Hematite can be used to bring organization and is very grounding and calming. Emotionally, hematite could decrease negativity. This lowering of negativity can benefit by helping balance the body/mind/spirit connection. It also is said to balance the meridians, boost self-esteem, and self-confidence.
Lava Rock or Basalt is a stone of strength and courage, it allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life. If you are going through a lot of shifts in your life then basalt would be a helpful stone for you. Lava Rock helps to diminish the negative aspects of one’s character and allow us one to see where modification of your character can be helpful. Lava Rock is known for its stabilizing and grounding qualities. It is wonderful for calming the emotions.

Men's Depression Bracelet

  • This handmade bracelet is made with 8mm genuine Lepidolite, Hematite and Lava Rock Gemstones. It is strung on non-fray, latex-free, stretch cording, and the knot is fused and hidden. 

    All the gemstones are natural and as I am working with Mother Nature there may be occasional tiny dark occlusions, barely visible to the naked eye and also natural color variations.

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Stafford, United Kingdom