Ultimate Pregnancy Protection Bracelet

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Many women feel an increased sense of awareness and spirituality during pregnancy. Senses and intuition are heightened, and an increased connection with one’s body (and the new life being created within) is often experienced.

This is regarded as one of the best all-round crystals for healing during pregnancy. Moonstone should be your first port of call when choosing a set of crystals to aide you through your journey of pregnancy and birth. 
Rose Quartz
This is a great healing crystal to use during pregnancy; it is known to reduce swelling and hypertension.
Hematite (non-magnetic) 
This crystal is great for reducing the muscle cramps sometimes associated with pregnancy.
Promotes healing and strength. A powerful aid to revitalization when the body and mind are exhausted. Believed to prevent miscarriage and used during childbirth to ease labor pain. Perfect for keeping one's cardiovascular system up-to-par.
Offers protection and stability, divine connection, purification, release tension, relieve physical and emotional pain.
Picture Jasper
Known as the "supreme nurturer" it alleviates fear and protect against pain during the process of childbirth.

Ultimate Pregnancy Protection Bracelet

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  • This bracelet is made with stones that are said to help cleanse, purify and heal your body giving it that boost of female energy you need to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. The stones measure 8mm and are strung on non-fray, latex-free, stretch cording, and the knot is fused and hidden. 

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