chakra point bracelet

Chakra refers to each of the seven energy centers of which our consciousness, our energy system, is composed.
These chakras, or energy centers, function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of energy through our energy system.

Amethyst protects against psychic attack, paranormal harm or ill-wishing, and returns the energy back to the universe after being transformed into positive, loving energy.

Sodalite is a stone of truth, and brings this to all communications. It can help end arguments or other disagreements. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions and love. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual.

Amazonite is called the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, it empowers one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity, and to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with those beliefs and values.

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, used to clear and activate the Heart Chakra for general well-being and emotional calm. It is also a powerful protector of the Heart Chakra, providing a shield to block entry from those who would “tap-in” and use the energy of another

Lemon Jade assists in the transformation of relationships. It attracts like minded people who become loyal and trusted friends, as well as helping to renew old friendships that had been lost. It has strong grounding and calming qualities and helps to engender strength and self-discipline.

Orange Aventurine healing crystals are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy. Orange Agate healing crystals have the power to harmonize yin and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place.

Red Jasper stimulates the Base, or Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, and controls the energy for kin-esthetic feeling and movement. It is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. It is a protection stone for the night. Red jasper is a good stone to keep with you and use as a "worry" stone.

Clear Quartz intensifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into the crystal. It is used mostly while working with the Crown Chakra, however, it resonates with all chakras. Clear quartz is also said to aid when working to create harmony, energy, well-being, psychic intuition, clarity, and peace.

Seven Chakras Intention Point Bracelet

  • Tribal style seven chakras bracelet, made with 6mm & 8mm High Quality stones, each representing one of the seven chakras: Amethyst, Sodalite, Amazonite, Aventurine, Lemon Jade, Orange Aventurine and Red Jasper. It has a genuine Clear Crystal Quartz point and silver plated spacer beads. It is strung on non-fray, latex-free, stretch cording, and the knot is fused and hidden.
    Your bracelet will be cleansed and charged prior to packaging. Instructions on how to do this at home and how to care for, and receive the best energies from, your Gemstone Bracelet will be included in your order.

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